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Month: August, 2013

twilled – tweeled – tweed

The fabric tweed got its name through a mistake.

A Scots weaver offered London merchant James Locke some twilled – diagonally ribbed – cloth in 1832.

In his letter, he spelled twilled in the Scots manner “tweeled”.

Locke misread this as “tweed” – and the name stuck.

Blueprint Brief: 28 August 2013


Just your average day in Britain

Today, tomorrow and each day thereafter, people in Britain will eat 50 million Kit Kat fingers, walk 4,000 steps (the recommendation for improved fitness is 10,000) and drink 70 million cups of coffee.

680 couples will get married, 2,100 babies will be born and 322 couples will get divorced.

We will each spend 24 minutes browsing the Internet on our mobile phones and spend a combined 28 million hours on Twitter, while 1 in 4 women will check their Facebook pages at least 10 times.

Blueprint Brief: 21 August 2013
Source: Metro, 19th August 2013.

Rockin’ Gibraltar

“It’s my yacht, my son and my rock”.

The Queen’s reported response to Spanish objections to Prince Charles making a 1981 visit to Gibraltar on Britannia.

Blueprint Brief: 14 August 2013
Source: The Times, 14 August 2013, p24

Paramount Pictures Logo / Loch Lomond

Paramount Pictures which recently made the Brad Pitt film, World War Z, is renowned for its snowy mountain logo. The peak in question is believed to be Ben Lomond Mountain in Utah, USA.

It is one of a number of mountains around the world named Ben Lomond, presumably by Scottish immigrants.

Other mountains called Ben Lomond can be found in Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand, and USA, not to mention, Scotland.

Blueprint Brief: 7 August 2013
Source: Wikipedia

Credit Unions V Payday Lenders

Credit unions are an obvious alternative to pay day lenders like Wonga and the mainstream banks.

Yet less than 5 per cent of Britons are credit union members.

This compares to 70 per cent of people in Ireland and 40 per cent in the US and Canada.

Blueprint Brief: 31 July 2013
Source: Alexander Sloan, Chartered Accountants, Glasgow

4G Royalty

The arrival of the Prince of Cambridge means that the monarch, Queen Elizabeth, knows her three successors; Prince Charles, Prince William and the new baby.

This situation last arose in 1891 when Queen Victoria’s great-grandson, later Edward the Eighth, was born. The Queen’s son, King Edward the Seventh and her grand-son, King George the Fifth, succeeded to the throne…although in this case one other of her great-grandsons, later George the Sixth, became king in 1937 after Edward the Eighth (later Duke of Windsor) abdicated.

Blueprint Brief: 24 July 2013

Who do you think Thatcher was?

The late Baroness Thatcher was, for a variety of reasons, no fan of the Irish; equally, neither are a number of Scots fans of hers.

Nevertheless, it appears that on her father’s side she was a descendant of Colonel Sir John William O’Sullivan, an Irishman and Quarter-Master General to Bonnie Prince Charlie in his 1745 insurrection against the British state.

Blueprint Brief: 17 July 2013
Source: Charles Moore, Margaret Thatcher, The Authorised Biography, Volume One, Not For Turning, Allen Lane, 2013, p 622.

Fossil Fuel Reserves

Shale gas may be an answer to the UK’s energy needs but how much fossil fuel is known to exist?

Figures from BP in 2011 said there are 1267 billion barrels of oil, 54 years’ supply at current production rates.

Of natural gas, there are believed to be 196.1 trillion cubic metres or 59 years’ worth of supplies.

There are also 860,938 million tonnes of coal – enough to last 217 years.

Blueprint Brief: 3 July 2013
Source: Spectator, Barometer, 6 July 2013.