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Month: April, 2014

Hardy Hoofer

Despite his stage name Mickey Rooney, the veteran movie actor and entertainer who died this week aged 93, was not of Irish American lineage.

He was born Joseph Yule Junior in Brooklyn, New York.

His father Ninnian Joseph Ewell or Yule (the name originates from the north Shetland island of Yell) was from Glasgow.

His mother, Nellie Carter, was from Kansas City, Missouri.

Blueprint brief – 9th April 2014
Source: Wikipedia


Centenarian Census

In 2002 there were 7,740 people in Britain over 100. In 2012 there were 13,350.

In both the UK and Germany there are 21 centenarians for every 100,000 of the population.

In Italy, France and Thailand, 27; in Japan there are 35.

Blueprint brief: 2nd April 2014
Source: The Spectator, Barometer, 29 March 2014.