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Month: August, 2014

Be mindful of what you wish for

The world’s oldest man is currently 111 year old Sakari Momoi of Japan.

The oldest living woman is 116 year old Misao Okawa, also of Japan.

The country leads the world in longevity.

Two years ago, however, total sales of nappies for seniors outsold the total sale of nappies for babies.

Source: The Times, 22 August 2014.
Blueprint brief: 27th August 2014


Hateful Hamlet

Seventy years after the Holocaust and amidst recent scenes in France of Islamic extremists burning synagogues and Jewish-owned shops, the French Government has been asked to rename a village south of Paris called La Mort aux Juifs.

Source: The Spectator, 16 August 2014.
blueprint brief – 20th August 2014

Avenging Absurdity

One hundred years ago this month the English Nazi and upper class Hitler fancier, Unity Valkyrie Mitford, was born.

She moved from England to Munich in 1934 to learn German and, she hoped, to meet the dictator.

In all she met him 140 times before shooting herself in the head in September 1939 when she learned that Great Britain had declared war on Germany.

Oddly, given her life history, she was born in the mining town of Swastika, Ontario.

Source: Mark McGinness, The Spectator, 9 August 2014.
blueprint brief – 13th August 2014

Baby Benefits

New mothers in the USA are entitled to 12 weeks unpaid leave. There is no national programme to cover wages, although some cash benefits are sometimes provided at state level.

The USA is one of only four countries (the others are Swaziland, Liberia and Papua New Guinea) that do not require employers to provide some form of maternity leave.

In contrast, Danish women enjoy 52 weeks of maternity leave and 100 per cent of their pre-partum salaries.

Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and How to crack an egg with one hand & other survival tips for the new mother by Francesca Beauman, published by Bloomsbury.
blueprint brief – 6th August 2014