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Month: December, 2014

Tales of Truce

TV advertising would have us believe that British and German troops took a break 100 years ago this week, but how peaceful was the Christmas “truce” on the Western Front in 1914?

The answer is not very: 98 British soldiers were killed on Christmas Eve – many by snipers, and 82 on Christmas Day.

The truce was called, says the author, “in part as a necessity to bury the large number of dead from recent attacks”.

Source: The Truce: The Day the War Stopped, by Chris Baker, Amberley Press, 2014
blueprint brief – 24th December 2014


Chequing Castro

US President Obama yesterday reached out to the government of Cuba to normalise the relationship between the two countries.

There have been no official talks since 1959. The US pays an annual rental lease on the 45 square miles of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, of $4085.

The 1903 treaty which granted the annual lease was for $2000 and if adjusted for inflation would have been $52,631.58 in 2013.

Since the Castro Revolution in 1959 all but one of the cheques have been stuffed in a drawer in the former dictator’s office.

Source: Wikipedia.
blueprint brief – 18th December 2014

Beat That!

Tim Martin, who founded the nationwide pub chain JD Wetherspoon, is currently in dispute with global brewers Heineken over his company’s bid to sell cheaper-than-market-price beer in Ireland.

He is not a man to cross.

As a schoolboy in New Zealand he encountered a teetotal teacher who thought giving pupils a good beating installed character.

The teacher’s name, of course, was JD Wetherspoon.

Source: The Times, Philip Collins, 9 December 2014.
blueprint brief – 10th December 2014

Driven to Distraction

In a test, students holding a hands free telephone conversation while driving a simulator made more observable mistakes than a control group driving a simulator after having consumed three vodka shots.

Source: BBC Radio 4, All in the Mind, 3 December 2014.
blueprint brief – 3rd December 2014