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Month: January, 2015

Heroic Drinker

It may be perceived by some today as the desperadoes’ refreshment of choice but Carlsberg Special Brew – 9 per cent alcohol by volume –was produced originally to celebrate Sir Winston Churchill’s visit to Copenhagen in 1950.

Sir Winston – who was buried 50 years ago this Saturday – favoured cognac over the many other alcoholic drinks he enjoyed and his Danish hosts sought to have their celebratory brew originally called V Ale (for Victory) – flavoured by notes of cognac.

Source: Wikipedia
blueprint brief – 28th January 2015


Peak Beard?

Beards are everywhere these days and it may even be true that the hippest of the hip have already abandoned them.

The cycle of fashion turns.

In the 1840s anyone in Britain with a beard was regarded with suspicion.

By the 1870s around 70 per cent of men wore them, while by the 1890s almost all men sported some form of whiskers.

Source: Inventions that didn’t change the world by Julie Halls, Thames & Hudson, 2014.
blueprint brief – 21st January 2015

Strictly For the Birds

Energy saving measures, such as loft insulation and filling gaps between the eaves of houses, may be partly responsible for a two thirds decline since 1970 in the numbers of Britain’s sparrow population; once common starlings and house martins have also undergone similar population falls.

Research into 120 breeding bird species by the British Trust for Ornithology found that while 28 bird species had more than halved over the past 35-45 years, 18, including great spotted woodpeckers, buzzards and collared doves had at least doubled.

Source: Ben Webster, environment Editor, The Times, 13 January 2015.
blueprint brief – 14th January 2015

Reeling in the Years

Bob Dylan is to be awarded the US MusiCares Person of the Year Award 2015 by President Jimmy Carter next month.

It is 53 years since Dylan’s eponymous first album was released in 1962 or, as an author has recently pointed out, just as long as the historical gap between that recording and Louis Bleriot’s first aeroplane crossing of the English Channel from Calais to Dover in July 1909.

Sources: Internet and Christopher Caldwell, The Spectator, 3 January 2015.
blueprint brief – 7th January 2015