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Month: February, 2015

Single-Use Syringe Surge

A British invention, a syringe with a needle which breaks if a user tries to pull back the plunger for a second injection, is set to save a million lives worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation Life-Saver Needles is the brainchild of 53 year-old Marc Koska.

In 2010 over 2 million people were infected with hepatitis and over 33,800 with HIV because of unsafe injection according to a 2014 WHO study.

Two fifths of injections in the developing world are given with re-used syringes.

Source: Kat Lay, Health Correspondent, The Times, 24th February 2015.
blueprint brief: 25th February 2015


Famous Frank

Should The Theory of Everything, win the best picture award at this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, Frank Lebouef, who plays a Swiss doctor in the film, will be the first person in history to have appeared in an Oscar winning film who holds also a football World Cup winner’s medal.

He played for France when it beat Brazil in the 1998 World Cup finals.

Source: BBC Radio 4, 17th February 2015
blueprint brief – 18th February 2015

“Pop Icon”

The Coca-Cola bottle is 100 years old.

Designed to be identifiable in the dark, the bottle, together with its contents, represents the Coca-Cola Company’s “brand value”.

This is immense: today’s stock market value of Coca-Cola is around $170 billion.

If you subtract from that sum the company’s very much smaller tangible assets, the huge sum left over, “is the cash value of the brand that Alex Samuelson’s 1915 bottle did so much to create”.

Source: The Spectator, Stephen Bayley, 7 February 2015.
blueprint brief – 11th February 2015

Going the Extra(ordinary) Mile

James Robertson, a Detroit factory worker, has walked 21 miles to work and back home again ever since his aged Honda car had to be scrapped in 2005.

On returning home at 4.00am he would have two hours’ sleep before getting up, breakfasting and setting out again to work his eight hour shift on a plastic moulding machine.

His boss at Schain Mold & Engineering told the Detroit Free Press that Mr Robertson has never missed a shift.

After his story was reported a website appeal was launched to buy him a car. So far it has raised more than $165,000.

Source: The Times, 4th February 2015.
blueprint brief – 4th February 2015