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Month: March, 2015

Secure Sentence

Disturbingly, competent computer hackers can break almost any typical alpha numerical IT password in hours if not minutes.

Hugely more difficult to crack, it appears, is a password which is also a regular sentence, such as, for example, “I am a big fan of MTV”.

Source: Second year cyber security student at Glasgow Caledonian University
blueprint brief – 25th March 2015


Faith Fact

Despite continuing steep declines in church going, especially in northern Europe, 84 per cent of the world’s population is said to be “religious”.

Source: Beyond Belief, BBC Radio 4, 17th March 2015
blueprint brief – 18th March 2015

Food Crisis? What Crisis?

New figures from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisations shows that the world’s cereal harvest, which provides more than half the calories that humans eat, broke a new record last year and was 20 per cent higher than ten years ago.

The world’s farmers have provided a growing population with more food per head year after year, largely without cultivating extra land or using extra water or chemicals.

Famines last year in South Sudan and the Central African Republic were caused by conflict, rather than drought or population pressure.

Source: Matt Ridley, The Times, 9 March 2015.
blueprint brief – 11th March 2015

Platform Performance

Irate business type on the telephone: “I’m calling you to find out if you got my text about the email I sent regarding the letter I wrote….”

Source: KJ Lamb cartoon, The Spectator, 28 February 2015
blueprint brief – 4th March 2015