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Month: May, 2015

Tax Take Tussle

Germany and France are reported to be pushing for an EU-wide minimum rate of corporation tax.

The top rate of corporation tax in France is 36.6 per cent; in Germany it is between 30 and 33 per cent and in Spain it is 30 per cent.

The UK rate is 20 per cent while in Ireland, where the European operations of Apple, Google and Facebook are headquartered, it is 12.5 per cent.

Source: City Briefing, Daily Telegraph, 27 May 2015
Blueprint brief – 27th May 2015


Pet Cause

The winner of the 2016 US presidential election will spend, it is estimated, around $2.5 billion to do so.

Is this an outrageous sum of money? A senior member of the Republican party says: “No, it’s less than the US spends on marketing pet food in any given year”.

Source: Paul Wood, Washington Notebook, The Spectator, 9 May 2015
blueprint brief – 13th May 2015