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Month: July, 2015

Trump That

Donald Trump, Republican hopeful for the presidency in 2016, has said he wants a wall built on the US-Mexico border to deter migrants.

According to an investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, three out of five of those found guilty of smuggling migrants from Mexico into the USA are American citizens.

Analysis by the newspaper of 3,254 federal trafficking convictions in 2013 and 2014 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California disclosed their involvement.

The typical smuggler, known as a “coyote”, is a white American man of Hispanic descent, 34 years old and with little schooling the Tribune-Review disclosed.

Source: Associated Press, 18th July 2015
blueprint brief – 22nd July 2015


Glasgow Bets Better

Londoners are the least successful gamblers in Britain, according to a survey by Ladbrokes.

Despite placing the highest number of bets, London failed to make the top 20 list of the luckiest cities.

Glasgow, however, which places the most bets after London, enjoys a 15 per cent higher chance of winning than the rest of Britain.

Source: Tesco Real Food Magazine, June 2015
blueprint brief – 16th July 2015

A Run-Run-Run-Run Runaway

In a recent report Heathrow Airport was the preferred choice to have a third runway.
But how many runways does an international airport need?

Annual Passengers – City – Runways
22.7m – Atlanta – 5
21.6m – Beijing – 3
19.6m – Dubai – 2
18m – Tokyo – 4
16.4m – Los Angeles – 4
16.3m – Heathrow – 2
16.3m – Hong Kong – 2

Source: Barometer, The Spectator, 4 July 2015
blueprint brief – 9th July 2015