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Month: August, 2015

Pension Panic

The annual salary of every employee in the UK could not pay off the pension deficit of its private companies.

The combined shortfall of the UK private sector’s defined benefit schemes stands at around £900bn, up from £250bn at the start of the millennium.

Source: City AM, 17 August 2015

blueprint brief – 20th August 2015


Currency Confusion

Devaluation of the Chinese currency is currently a regular item in news broadcasts. But what is its proper name?

The “renminbi” is the official name for the Chinese currency of the People’s Republic of China and means “people’s currency”.

The “yuan” is the basic unit of the renminbi but is used to refer to the Chinese currency generally.

The distinction between the two terms is similar to that between “sterling” and “the pound” – respectively the British currency and its primary unit.

Source: Wikipedia

blueprint brief – 14th August 2015

Nobel Brits

Twelve Nobel prizes have been given to Britons since 2000, putting it second only to the US in tables published by the Times Higher Education magazine this week.

SourceThe Times, 6th August 2015.

blueprint brief – 6th August 2015.