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Month: January, 2016


A study of 8,000 births in the USA found that the risk of a baby dying at birth or in his or her first few months, though slight, was 2.5 times greater if the birth was at home and not in a hospital.

Source: New York Times, 31st December 2015

blueprint brief – 29th January 2016


Orange is not the only fruit

For the first time, UK shoppers are spending more on avocados than on oranges.

According to The Grocer, £142 million was spent in 2015 on avocados and £132.7 million on oranges.


Source: Daily Telegraph, 22 December 2015.

blueprint brief – 22nd January 2016



Shooting Stars

Share prices of gun manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co have each risen more than shares of Apple since 2009, driven by surging sales linked to fears of regulation.

source: New York Times, 7th January 2016

blueprint brief – 8th January 2016