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Month: February, 2016

Complexity Costs

Hourly rates for partners at top London law firms now exceed a record £1,000.

This is mainly due to the increasing complexity of the UK tax and legal system.

The UK’s tax code has more than trebled in size since 1997 and is currently over 22,000 pages long.

Hong Kong’s tax code, widely considered the most effective in the world, is only 276 pages long.

Source: Jim Diamond, The Price of Law, Centre for Policy Studies, 5th February 2016.

blueprint brief – 26th February 2016.


Skin in the Game

Parliament has ditched its decision to save £80,000 a year by switching to paper from vellum to print all future UK legislation.

Vellum, made from animal skins, ideally from a stillborn calf, is the medium on which Magna Carta and all other legislation has been inscribed.

Purists say that only calfskin is vellum while material from other animal skins, such as deer, sheep or goat, is parchment.

It is claimed by its sole manufacturer that vellum will last for up to 5,000 years.

Source: The Times, 16th February 2016.

blueprint brief – 18th February 2016

Small Beer

Tons of newsprint are devoted to castigating the UK’s love affair with booze.

There are, however, many nations with an even greater dedication to beer, wine and spirits.

British alcohol consumption, at 10.2 litres per head, is below the European average.

In Western Europe, consumption is highest in Austria and France at more than 12 litres; in Italy it is just 6.9 litres.

Source: European Commission and letter in The Times, 2nd February 2016.

blueprint brief – 5th February 2016