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Month: June, 2016

Catty Behaviour

A cat behaviour specialist at Bristol University has called for cats to be bred to have their hunting instinct eliminated.

A survey last year of 949 cats by the Mammal Society suggested that Britain’s 9 million cats kill 275 million animals each year, including 200 million mammals, 55 million birds and 10 million reptiles/amphibians.

Source: Spectator, Barometer, 18 June 2016.

blueprint brief – 30th June 2016


Get in my girl!

Women’s football is increasingly making an impact in the media. This is not a new phenomenon.

On Boxing Day 1920 a crowd of 53,000 at Goodison Park, Liverpool, watched a game involving two women’s teams.

Reportedly between 10-15,000 people were turned away due to a lack of capacity.

In the following year the Football Association banned all women’s teams from playing their games at FA-affiliated football grounds.

The ban was not lifted until 1969.

blueprint brief – 1st June 2016 

Source: Wikipedia