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Month: August, 2016

Calorie Counting

Research suggests that an average person needs to eat 2.446 kCal a day to maintain current weight doing minimal exercise.

According to physiological tests conducted by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, however, our average daily energy expenditure is 2,880 kCal.

So why are so many of us putting on weight?


Source: Behavioural Insights Team, from Barometer, The Spectator, 13 August 2016.

blueprint brief – 31st August 2016


Leave clean, run fastest

Of the 30 fastest ever 100 metre times, nine – including three top three – have been run by the reigning and three-time Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt.

The other 21 were by athletes who at some point in their careers have tested positive for doping. 

SourceThe Independent, 16th August 2016.

The remains of the day

“It is possible to cremate someone in the United States today, ‘without ever speaking to, much less seeing a human being’.

You can arrange it online, pay by credit card, order the body to be picked up, and have the ashes FedExed.”

Source: Review in the Times Literary Supplement by Thomas Meaney of The Work of the Dead: A cultural history of mortal remains by Thomas Laquer.