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Month: April, 2017

Monkey business

“In private and exasperated moments Germans have a name for us (the British): the inselaffen, or ‘island monkeys’ – unpredictable, backward, quarrelsome and isolated. “It’s not common, especially in polite company.

“A senior British diplomat assured me that it has not been used for decades.

“He should try looking at social media, where the term has mushroomed since Brexit………..”

Source: Edward Lucas, The Times, 4th April 2017.

blueprint brief – 12th April 2017


Coffee Calculator

Three new coffee shops opened in Britain every day in 2016.

A study commissioned by UK Coffee Week found that the 1,222 coffee shops opened last year brought the UK total to 23,000.

Some suggest that the number of coffee shops – both chains and independents – could overtake the number of pubs by 2030.

The study found that people in the UK drink 2.3 billion cups of coffee and that the sector contributes £8.9 billion to the economy.


Source: Daily Mail, 23 March 2017

blueprint brief – 6th April 2017